City of Grand Rapids

As a company whose employees live in the Grand Rapids, MI area, we are a company that cares to do the best for the present and for the long-term efficiency of the City of Grand Rapids. As Electrical Engineering Consultants to design and transition the communication network from copper telephone network to a fiber optic network built of nodes and distribution centers that provide communication between buildings, traffic signals, water tanks, and water valves. This network also involves some shared cables with other entities which have agreements that state ownership of the cable portions and ownership.

During this transition of the fiber network, Geotech has developed and maintained the fiber optic records for the IT Department. After the city decided to bring ownership of all fiber optic cables that have been installed by all of the different departments under one head. A fiber optic audit was completed by Geotech to collect and gather all of the records of how the different locations where fiber exists are interconnected and the condition of each splice and termination point.

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